Music Lessons

In addition to evidence-based music therapy services, Wildflower Music Therapy also offers both traditional and adaptive music lessons in 30-60 minutes intervals.


At Wildflower Music Therapy, we offer traditional music lessons on:

  • Flute (beginner & advanced)
  • Piano (beginner)
  • Guitar (beginner & advanced)

These lessons are intended for those students who seek to either begin, or further, their musical education in a structured setting. Traditional lessons are tailored for the individual needs of the student, and weekly/biweekly musical goals and expectations will be set. All ages are welcome to participate in these lessons!


Adaptive lessons provide a unique combination of music education and music therapy. In adaptive lessons, the music therapist uses their clinical training to support the needs of the individual, and empower them in different ways. The goals of these lessons are not musical, but are solely based on the physical, cognitive, social, and/or emotional needs of the individual. Adaptive lessons are offered for a variety of instruments and vocal abilities, and may be taken by anyone of any age and skill set!