Music therapy services may be funded in a variety of manners. These include:

Medicaid waivers (YES & CLASS)

Individuals who receive music therapy services through a Medicaid waiver do so via a Medicaid agency. These agencies work as an intermediary to connect families with the necessary providers. Music therapy services are classified as a “specialized therapy” under the CLASS waiver.

Private insurance

Currently, private insurance will reimburse for music therapy services on a case-by-case basis. At Wildflower Music Therapy, we are more than happy to provide the needed documentation (i.e., assessment report, treatment plan, CPT codes) to assist you with receiving reimbursement from insurance.

Private pay 

Individuals who choose to pay privately for music therapy services are billed on a monthly basis. Payments may be completed through Venmo or check.

30-minute session: $55

50-minute session: $85